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We find ourselves in an unprecedented time in human history facing a new reality of social distancing, fear and anxiety over a highly uncertain future, and concern for the health and well-being of ourselves, loved ones, and society. The situation is rapidly changing and evolving globally in front of our eyes as we watch the news and respond to pings from our phones throughout the day. As individuals and as a society, now more than ever, we must draw upon our innate capacity for resilience and cultivate an ability to be deeply present, calm, and grounded when faced with the challenges this pandemic presents daily. We must bring forth the best qualities of our human nature: our kindness, care, and compassion towards ourselves and our loved ones, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, and fellow global citizens. Join this 5-day track to learn how you can stay connected mentally, physically, and spiritually through mindfulness and meditation. We would like to thank the Contemplative Sciences Center at UVA for providing this track. For more information, please visit: ​

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