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Meet Kurien.

Kurien was born in India and raised in Virginia and spent most of his career working with nonprofits, government agencies, corporations, and startups on social impact projects and developing the mindfulness & wellness space.


As a public policy student at the University of Virginia, Kurien was fascinated by social entrepreneurship and even founded a startup in his university's accelerator program, developing self-care kits that educated young people about mindfulness practices and consciousness.


His drive towards building a conscious community led to his passion for storytelling and content creation. His podcast, SeroTunein, has become a platform for Kurien to share his interviews with humanitarian aid workers, trauma-sensitive healers, technologists, public health experts, and entrepreneurs to facilitate the conversation between innovation and wellness gap in our highly diverse society. His social media content on TikTok and Instagram has also enabled him to build an audience around his experiences with culturally-confusing scenarios, sober curiosity, social psychology, and more.

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