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My Charlottesville Bucket List

This past month I had graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Public Policy in Leadership at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. While I did spend a good amount of time at UVA writing memos, crying over econ exams, and attending office hours, I made it an intentional goal to beyond the school's grounds and explore the beautiful city of Charlottesville, Virginia.

With COVID taking away most of our class's social gatherings during our final years, it gave me an opportunity to make a list of places I really wanted to see before I graduated. The following items are a combination of nature spots, vineyards, breweries, restaurants, and miscellaneous spots that are fun/pretty. Going to college near the so-called "Napa Valley of the East", it sometimes felt like all there was to do was visit a brewery or a winery at first glance. However, most of the items listed were taken from various blog posts, Reddit threads, conversations from friends and mentors, or random postings on Facebook.

Just a heads up, I've attached some photos to places I've visited, but I'm not going to write my reviews on each place because I think it's worth checking out these places anyway to form your opinion on it and see what you like/don't like. I've also listed places I haven't been to in red.

If there's something on this list you think I should add, email me or comment below! I love exploring new things :)

Alright, here's my list:


  • Peloton Station

  • La Flor Michoacana

  • Quirk Hotel

  • Common House

  • Riverside Lunch

  • Lost Saint (Speakeasy)

  • Alley Light

  • Jack Brown's Burger Spot

  • Guajro's - Miami Eatery

  • Citizen Burger

  • Dairy Market

  • Bowerbird Bakery

  • Tonic

  • Browns at Avon St.

  • Jack's Shop Kitchen

  • Ace Biscuits & Barbecue

  • The Shebeen

  • Belmont Pizza & Pub


  • Skipping Rock Brewery

  • Pro Re Nata Brewery

  • Blue Mountain Brewery

  • Wool Factory Brewery

  • Castle Hill Cidery

  • Nellysford (Bold Rock) Cidery

  • Potter's Cidery


  • Barboursville Ruins

  • Stinson Vineyards

  • Pippin Hill Winery

  • Veritas Winery

  • King's Family Vineyards

  • Glasshouse Winery

  • Eastwood Farm and Winery

  • Chisholm Vineyards

  • Hilltop Winery

  • Loving Cup Winery

  • Keswick Vineyards

Hikes/Nature Areas/Parks:

  • Sugar Hollow Dam and Reservoir

  • McIntire Park

  • Chris Greene Lake Park

  • Darden Towe Park

  • Henley's Apple Orchard

  • Turk Mountain Trailhead

  • Walnut Creek

  • Beaver Creek Reservoir

  • Kemper Park

  • Rivanna Trail

  • Crabtree Falls

  • Ivy Creek Natural Area

  • Rose River

  • Boar's Head Resort

  • Skyline Drive

  • Humpback Rock

  • Ragged Mountain Natural Area


  • Market at Grelen

  • Blue Ridge Tunnel

  • Blue Ridge Corn Maze

  • Common House

  • Caromont Farm

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